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       John Ralph


1) Fourth Floor.                       (J Cunningham).

2) Big Blue.                              (G Lightfoot).

3) Turning Away.                     (D MaClean).

4) The Firemans Song.             (D Bilston).

5) The Minstrel.                       (G&E Pratt).

6) Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy.   (Trad).

7) Sister Josephine.                 (J Thackeray).

8) Roseville Fair/Debs Tune.     (B Staines/J Ralph).

9) Factory Girl.                         (Trad).

10) The Surprise.                       (J Ralph).

11) Fruit of the Loom/The Shuttle.  (K Hancock).

12) The Longford Weaver.           (Trad).

13) The Andalucian Gypsy.          (B Hill).

14) The Rambling Irishman.       (Trad).

15) The Galway Farmer.           (S Knightley).

16) The Same Old Story.          (P Brady).

17) The Battle.                        (Richards/Pegg)

18) The Crowd.                       (A Ryder).

THE. K.I.S.S.Principle. (CD).

The K.I.S.S. Principle.

track compialtion medley

1.What you do with what you've got. Si Khan.

2.I Believe.                                          J Ralph.

3 I looked East and I looked West/

Salmon Tales.                                  Trad .

4.Tupelo's Too Far.                              K Campbell.

5. Songlines.                                      J Ralph.

6. The Coal and Albert Berry.            T Edwards.

7. 4 a.m.                                            J Ralph.

8Spencer the Rover.                          Trad/arr Ralph.

9. Ten Fingers.                                   J Ralph.

10.Neptune.                                       G Moore.

11. Kangaroo.                                    J Ralph.

12. Neon.                                            J Ralph.

13. What's the use of Wings.                B Bedford.

14.Ten Fingers (remix)                       J Ralph.

Originals With Influences    All Titles By J Ralph except

                                                            1) T Smith/ J Ralph

                                                          14) Trad Arr Ralph

1 Born to Busk

2.Worship the fire

3.Running in the Rain


5. Walkabout

6.Oh Mrs Humphreys

7 I'll wait at Horseshoe Bend

8.The Last Dance.

9 Take Some Time/

10 The Chihuahua song

11. Acting Up

12. A Moment in Time

13 keep on Singing

14. Neil Gows Lament for his

Second Wife.

15. Knit and Natter

16. Caught in a Trap

17. Music Makes my World

Go Around.

This Pilgrims Progress. Latest Release!!!!!!                             

   All songs Written and played by J Ralph except track 11 Trad.

1. Beads and Bows and Moccasins.

2.Join in the Dance.

3. Ghost Dancer Spirit Warrior.

4. McKinnons/ Leaving Ely./

5 The Diet Song.

6. The Little Tea Room on the Mountainside.

7.Hymn to the Morning.

8. The River

10. I'm Glad to be a Morris Dancer.

11 Morris Tunes Black Joke,/Moll in the Wood/

                          The Oyster Girl.

12. Bat in the Bedroom/

13. Walk on Water.

14. The Little Tea Room Remix.

To purchase a CD please contact me on [email protected]

                                 or message on Facebook John Ralph Musician Teacher

               Or Use paypal cart below.

Price List         This Pilgrims Progress.      $15.00       (10 pounds UK)

                        Originals With Influences   $15.00       (10 pounds UK)

                          Ten Fingers.                      $10.00       ( 5 Pounds UK)

                         The K.I.S.S. Principle         $5.00.        (3 Pounds UK)

   Please add $2.00 for postage and Packing ( 2 pounds UK).

This Pilgrims Progress CD
Originals with Influences CD
Ten Fingers CD
The K.I.S.S Principle CD
The K.I.S.S.Principle. Compact Disc