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       John Ralph


Ten Fingers. The Stories Behind the Songs.

1. What you do with what you’ve got. Si Khan is a Musician, Labour and community organiser and Musician. The song speaks for itself.

2.I Believe. I wrote this during the Australian election of 2013 when it seemed that all the politicians were determined to hang onto power whatever the cost. They made promises of which many have now been broken. They forget that they work for us.

3.I looked East and I looked West/Salmon Tails. I played these traditional tunes for many years in a duo called ICENI. The melodeon player was Steve Green who I learnt these songs from by osmosis. We took folk music to pubs, clubs and festivals, and had a wonderful time.

4. 4am. This instrumental was written at Fairbridge festival. As an early riser I catch the dawn of many a day.Just reflect on life.

5 Songlines. A trip to the Northern Territories made me focus on the amazing heritage that the indiginous people of Australia have. They navigated the land with song. The land and song are intertwined. Inspired by the Books. Broken Song, by Barry Hill, The Songlines , by Bruce Chatwin ,and Singing Saltwater Country by John Bradley, from where the chorus of this song is taken.

6. The Coal and Albert Berry. Written by Ted Edwards. As I write this we get reports of two miners losing their lives in NSW,and over 300 dead in Turkey.

7. Tupelo’s Too Far. When MC/Performer at Cambridge folk festival I had to introduce an American singer who was at the time very ill (a bad curry the night before). I was concerned that she would pass out. She went on stage and wowed the audience with songs like this. An homage to Elvis Presley. Her name is Kate Campbell.

8. Spencer the Rover. Years ago I remember reading ‘A Song for all Seasons; a history of the Copper Family who were at the forefront of the folk revival in the 50,s This song was very old even then, and tells the story of a man who loses everything ,runs away but finally sees what is important. This is still relevant in many situations today.

9. Ten Fingers . I was lucky enough to teach the children of Sudanese refugees how to play guitar. Talking to their fathers gave me stories of how they came here and what they went through. I told how I brought a truckload of stuff when I emigrated.. Most of these people told me they just brought Ten Fingers.

10. Kangaroo. I had been in Australia nearly a year when I Saw my first mob of Kangaroos in the wild at Bussleton WA. A sight I will always remember.

11. Neptune. In my opinion Graham Moore is one of the greatest writers in the UK. This song highlights our poor treatment of the Oceans.

12. Neon. Written many years ago whilst wandering around London.

13. What’s the use of wings. Brian Bedford sings with acapella group Artisan. This is dedicated to our fantastic children on their Journies.

14. Ten Fingers Remix. With added over the top percussion because we could!!!!.

(and Deb Likes it).