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       John Ralph


Stage Craft.

It is easy to forget that we are in the entertainment industry.We perform.

This workshop will give you ideas on amongst other things, how to structure set lists,what not to say, body language, and much more.

Songwriting Workshops.

Areas Covered=Structure in song.Lyrical content.Instrumental accompaniment .The three chord trick and beyond.Chord extensions and their application.Dynamics and techniques,that enhance the song.

This workshop is suitable for all instruments.Vocalists should also find it useful.

Guitar Workshops.Beginners to advanced).

Standard tuning. Chord substitutions and their application.Chords in different positions to enhance lyrical content.Chord extensions.Scales and their uses.

DADGAD tuning.History and how to get into tune.I1st position and moveable chords and their application.Cascading scales.Fingerpicking basic tunes.

Mandola/Mandolin/Irish tuned Banjo.(eadg)(Beginners to intermediate)

Learn basic chordal accompaniement in different positions.Ideal for songs or accompanying dance tunes. Learn different structures such as Jigs Reels and specialised techniques such as tremelo picking.

Music and handouts will be provided for all workshops.Also support via website and facebook.

Please contact for current charges.